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Milliken & Company - A textile leader for more than 130 years
With roots dating back to 1865, Milliken & Company made its mark as a true worldwide leader in textiles. Milliken carpet represents a true marriage of function and form, offering unparralleled advantages in style and innovation, flexibility and performance, value and price. With more than 2000 patents and the largest textile research center in the world, Milliken's global manufacturing operations include more that 11,000 associates working in more that 60 facilities worldwide. Milliken's rich history of innovation, combined with their vast commercial and residential experience, has resulted in the most varied collection of patterned carpet available. From classic carpet tones to today's emerging color palettes, you can count on Milliken carpet to add beauty and style to your home. Pattern carpet is perfect for today's buys families, as it hides spots, stains, foot traffic and vacuum marks. Constructed with premium WearOn® nylon and soil protection, our carpets are created to give the rooms in your home long lasting beauty. All Milliken carpets come with a 10-year residential wear warranty.


Quality rebond carpet pad. The manufacturer of Armada® Carpet Cushion uses all state of the art equipment to assure the best quality available. The scrap foam used in our pad has been specially selected to meet our demanding material standards.


XLPE TPO Foam with a 2 mil moisture barrier and attached lip and tape for easy installation. To have the most quiet laminate floor available today, choose Silent Treatment® Underlayment. Silent Treatment® is a premium sound suppressant underlayment that will make your laminate floor installation so quiet that you'll swear you're walking on solid hardwood. Silent Treatment® not only reduces noise but is non-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant and is manufactured from recycled materials making it earth friendly. Silent Treatment also comes with lip and tape on the edges all seams can be sealed to provide the ultimate moisture protection for your flooring installation.

SolidWalk fiber pad underlayment has a polyethylene film moisture barrier, lip (overlap) and tape. This product featrures an overlapping moisture barrier and tape for ease of installation. 

Superior Moisture Protection Down Under
Roll Size: 40" x 30' or 100 sf per roll.



2N1 is a white LDPE foam underlayment with a clear 1 mil PE film with lip and tape. The roll dimensions are .08" x 40" x 30' (100 sf per roll).


EarthWerks LVT Flooring Underlayment is a premium grade highly engineered, cross-linked polypropylene foam. EarthWerks LVT is the ideal choice for most residential and commercial Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring applications. The roll dimensions are 35" x 51.4' (150 sf per roll).

Silent Treatment Specs

Solid Walk Specifictiaions

Great White Specifications

Earthwerks LVT Underlayment: Specifications, Warranty & Installation

Flooring Adhesives

ARMADA ADHESIVE AM-40 is the ultimate engineered wood-flooring adhesive. Click the link below to download Armada Adhesive specification and MSDS information.

HARRIS WOOD 1500 ES URETHANE ADHESIVE is a solvent-free, 100% solids moisture cure urethane adhesive formulated for the installation of engineered parquet, and solid wood flooring. It is also recommended for bamboo flooring. Click the link below to download 1500ES Adhesive specification and MSDS information.

ROBERT'S 1530 ALL-IN-ONE MOISTURE CURE URETHANE ADHESIVE is a solvent-free, 100% solids moisture cure urethane adhesive that performs as an all-in-one, single application adhesive, moisture vapor barrier and sound reducer for wood and bamboo flooring installations. It also works as a crack suppressant for cracks up to 1/8 inch. Click the link below to download 1530 Adhesive specification, warranty and MSDS information.

EARTHWERKS ST100 ADHESIVE is a pressure sensatitive adhesive for use on solid vinyl plank and tile.

EARTHWERKS EW250 ADHESIVE is a hard-setting, wet set, water based acrylic adhesive that provides a secure, movement-resistant bond for Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank. 

EARTHWERKS EW1-U2S ADHESIVE is the adhesive for use when gluing Earthwerks underlayment to the subfloor. EW1-U2S is part of a LVT adhesive system to be used in conjunction with EW1-FU2 adhesive and Earthwerks acoustical underlayment for LVT.

EARTHWERKS EW1-F2U ADHESIVE is the adhesive for use when gluing Earthwerks LVT to underlayment. EW1-FU2 is a part of a LVT adhesive system to be used in conjunction with EW1-U2S adhesive and Earthwerks acoustical underlayment for LVT.

MP100 is a water based multi-purpose adhesive for the installation fo felt-back sheet vinyl and most carpet in residential or light commercial installations.

MP240 is a water based multi-purpose adhesive for the installation fo felt-back sheet vinyl and most carpet in residential or medium commercial installations.

CA430 is a solvent based adhesive for the installation of most types of outdoor carpets. This adhesive develops a strong initial grab to hold carpets in place, and resists all types of weather conditions for a strong long-term bond.

AC44 carpet seam sealer is a low VOC carpet seam selaer developed to seam most types of carpets and to prevent edge raveling. It may also be used to repair bubbles in installations.

VA500 is a powerful clear thin spread adhesive that dries fast and sets up harder to resist the movement of vinyl composition tile early in the installation. This adhesive may be used in tile over tile installations as well as over aged residual cutback adhesive. This product is certified by AMP Gurard®, an anti-microbial protection system that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria in both wet and dry adhesive. 

AM-40 Specifications & MSDS

ES1500 Specifications

1530 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

ST100 Specifications & MSDS

EW250 Specifications & MSDS

EW1-U2S and EW1-F2U Product Information and MSDS

MP100 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

MP240 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

CA430 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

AC44 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

VA500 Specifications, Warranty & MSDS

Grout & Thinset 

Their slogan is “the professional’s choice.” And they carry a complete line of dry set mortars, grouts, and specialty products. Describe the problem and C-Cure has the answer. A one-stop shop for all of your setting and grouting material needs.